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Handy Address Book Server Revision History

February 23, 2023: Server Version 4.1  [Download 4.1]

Added support for birthdays and anniversaries without a year
Improved the setup program to better deal with installing when running as a service
Improved the shutdown procedure to be more robust
Improved logging

June 19, 2018: Server Version 4.0

Increased the number of available custom fields to 8.  When using the Handy Client, Handy Server 4.0 requires the use of the Handy Client version 9.0 or later because of this change.
Removed Yahoo as a choice for Map Server as that service is no longer available
Fixed a bug where it was possible to corrupt the photo of a contact when editing with the web browser interface

April 18, 2017: Server Version 3.5  [Download 3.5]

More efficient memory usage.  Reduced overall memory requirements.
Fixed a URI redirection vulnerability.  (Credit malwrforensics.com)
Built with latest development tools for improved speed and security

August 26, 2016: Server Version 3.4

Bug fix: Program could crash when importing through web interface and ignoring imported duplicates

April 10, 2016: Server Version 3.3

Implemented a user-adjustable timeout on export command through the web interface
Bug fix: Program could crash when accessed via web with certain combination of invalid arguments
Improved license key entry to be more reliable

December 10, 2014: Server Version 3.2

Speed improvements
Implemented new license key format.  Current 3.x licensed users can get their new license here.

April 21, 2014: Server Version 3.1

Reliability improvements.  Program could crash under certain conditions.

February 5, 2013: Server Version 3.0

Added contact photo support.  Requires the use of the Handy Address Book Client version 7.0 or later for the photo features.
When using the Handy Address Book Client, the Client must be version 7.0 or later.  Older versions of the Client are not compatible with Handy Address Book Server 3.0 or later.

March 10, 2012: Server Version 2.8  [Download 2.8]

Added feature to ban specified IP addresses from accessing Handy Address Book Server

March 6, 2012: Server Version 2.7

Improved memory usage, especially for large installations with many address books
Improved listing/search speed of web interface, especially for large address books

March 1, 2012: Server Version 2.6

Bug fix: Web interface would not always default sorting list view to first displayed name column

November 8, 2009: Server Version 2.5

Bug fix: Program could crash when importing a badly formatted file

July 7, 2009: Server Version 2.4

Significantly improved (~100X) speed when working with large address books

June 22, 2009: Server Version 2.3

Bug fix: Program could crash in some cases when parsing category information

February 16, 2009: Server Version 2.2

Bug fix: Importing addresses via web interface could crash the program under some conditions

February 2, 2009: Server Version 2.1

Bug fix: Opening "Categories" link in address book administration with the web interface could cause program to crash.

January 14, 2009: Server Version 2.0

Updated to be Vista compatible (32 and 64 bit)
Re-wrote using the "Secure" C Run Time library for maximum robustness and security
Digitally signed all executables for improved security

May 30, 2008: Server Version 1.3.7  [Download 1.3.7]

Added address book preference for HTML character set

February 28, 2007: Server Version 1.3.6

Bug fix: Badly formatted import file could crash Handy Server in some cases

September 26, 2006: Server Version 1.3.5

Bug fix: Categories with a question mark or ampersand character would not filter properly

June 25, 2006: Server Version 1.3.4

Searching on category name was case sensitive, changed to case in-sensitive
Added installation option to not display "About" information (Handy Server link, expiration date, and version) in footer of control panel and admin pages

April 19, 2006: Server Version 1.3.3

Bug fix: No link was available in the search results to show details of a contact with an empty name
Bug fix: GUI dialogs for adding or editing an installation were not displayed under some operating systems
Bug fix: When creating a custom search form and using SHOWHEADERS = OFF a javascript error would occur

April 3, 2006: Server Version 1.3.2

Bug fix: When importing from CSV files the notes field could import improperly in some cases

March 30, 2006: Server Version 1.3.1

Bug fix: Program could crash if the "Other" section was disabled in the Editor

January 13, 2006: Version 1.3

Added capability to view or edit each user's "Installation Admin" status from each address book's "Permissions" administration page
Installation program improvements
Added option to help clean up extra un-licensed address books when entering license key
Bug fixes:
Punctuation at the end of a URL would incorrectly be included in the hyperlink
When deleting an address book the confirmation message box was not including the address book's name
When the same user was logged on multiple times the logged on user dialog in the GUI would only display first user's information
In the contact editor the "default email" control was not honoring the specified font size
When permissions were changed through the web interface Handy Address Book Clients were not being sent an automatic change notification

September 23, 2005: Version 1.2

New address book level preference for controlling the alphabet filter. Filter can apply to Name, Company, or Name and Company.
The Company field in the list view is now a hyperlink to display that contact in the Details frame
Removed the requirement that a contact have a non-empty name
Added online help, and help buttons on all dialogs
Added context sensitive help (question mark cursor) in all dialogs
Added "About..." button to the main GUI to quickly display contact and program information
Added "Control Panel..." button to the main GUI to automatically bring up a web browser for any available installation
Installation program improvements:
Link to online help added under Start / All Programs / Handy Address Book Server
Links to key web pages added under Start / All Programs / Handy Address Book Server
Improved appearance of wizard dialogs
Support for automatically stopping/re-starting service when running as a service

August 29, 2005: Version 1.1

Contact editor improvements:
New "Editor" menu in book administration
Arrange the Sections in any order, and hide unwanted sections
New "Compact Format" option hides the section headers
Specify how many phone fields to display in editor
New option to specify required permission level to use the "Delete All" and "Export" commands
Support for favicon.ico
Serve JPEG or GIF image files directly from Handy Server
Added more font choices
Categories are listed alphabetically instead of the order they were created
Bug fixes:
If the leftmost "List" column was empty, there was no link to display the "Details"
Setting the list view column order wasn't always working properly

July 21, 2005: Version 1.0

Initial release