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Handy Address Book is software for sharing an address book.  View, modify, or administer address books using a web browser from any platform.  You can define users and set permissions, so address books can be shared among multiple users with varying levels of access.  In addition to the web interface, an optional Handy Address Book client for Windows is also available for working with your address books.

Handy Address Book is ideal for:

Sharing contacts among multiple users in an office
Networking your address book for access on multiple computers
Making a corporate directory available on your web site
Making your address book available no matter where you travel

Handy Address Book Server runs on Windows, and includes a built in web server.  No other software is necessary, all you need is the Handy Address Book Server and a Windows based PC.

Address books are customizable, so you can integrate them into your existing web site.  See the list of features, screen shots, and documentation for more information.

To experiment with some example web address books, see the live demos.  To get started with your own address books, see the tutorial, and then download a copy of the program to run on your own server, or try a free trial on our servers.