Handy Address Book
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Handy Client Screen Shots

Handy Address Book Client
Main Window

The main window has an address list on the top, an alphabet filter bar along the left, and a details window on the bottom. You can select one or more buttons on the alphabet bar to show addresses beginning with the selected letters. The address list can be sorted by any column, just click on the header. You can choose which data fields are displayed in the address list. The details window shows all the recorded information for the selected address. You can double click on a phone number to quickly dial it. All the fonts and background color are user adjustable.

Address Editor General Properties
Address Editor - General Page

The address editor has 2 pages. The General page is shown above. Each address can have up to 3 mailing addresses, 3 e-mail addresses, and 12 phone numbers. To change the displayed field, choose the down arrow to the left. Addresses can be assigned to categories, and you can then filter the displayed addresses based on category. Addresses can be marked as private, and optionally password protected.

Address Editor Detailed Properties
Address Editor - Details Page

The Details page of the address editor shown above illustrates the additional fields available for each address.  All of the labels for the E-mail, Address, Phone, and Custom fields are user adjustable.