Handy Address Book
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Feature List

Easy Setup
Handy Address Book Server installs just like any Windows program.  Just download and run the setup program.  No other software is required.

Web-Based Address Books
Access your contacts using a web browser from anywhere you have access to the internet.  All operations on your address books are performed through a web browser, including viewing, editing, and administration.

Networkable Address Books
Share address books with multiple users.  Any number of users can be using the same address book at the same time.  Multiple users can view and edit contacts at the same time.

Users & Permissions
Control who can use an address book, and what level of access each user will have.  Each user can have None, View, Add, Edit, or Admin permissions.  You can create an unlimited number of users.  Permissions can be set independently for each user for each address book.  Also supports permissions for an "Anonymous" user, giving you the flexibility to provide access without requiring a logon.

Create an unlimited number of categories to organize your contacts within an address book.  Address book specific categories can be created, and global categories can also be created.  Global categories are available in all address books.

Unlimited Contacts
Each address book can contain an unlimited number of contacts.

Customizable Appearance
Adjust all the colors and fonts for each address book.  Insert your own custom HTML into the banner, header, and footer, and specify a background image to use.  Use these options to give your address book the same look and feel as the rest of your existing web site.

Customizable and Sorting Capable List View
The main "List" view can be customized to display any fields you choose, and in any order.  The List view allows sorting by any displayed column.  Just click on the column header to sort by that column.  Click the same column again to switch between ascending/descending sorting.  The column controlling the sort order displays a small arrow in the column's header.

Contact Filters
Filter your displayed contacts within an address book by category, the alphabet, or both.

Contact Search
Easily search for contacts in your address book.  Advanced search options allow you to choose which fields to search in.

Import and Export
Import from other popular contact management programs, including: Microsoft Outlook, Windows Address Book (Outlook Express), Palm Desktop, vCard files, Handy Address Book Server, and Yahoo.  Export to any of these same formats as well.

Custom Field Names
Customize the field name titles for any of the email, mailing address, phone number, or custom fields.

Easy access to look up maps for any contact.  The details view for each contact will display a link next to each street address.  Supported map servers include: Google, MapQuest, and Yahoo.

Multiple "Installation" Support
Create multiple "Installations", all running under the same server.  Each Installation is isolated from all other Installations, giving you the flexibility to provide "Installation Admin" rights on a per-Installation basis.

Optional Handy Client
Access address books with either a web browser or the optional Handy client.  The Handy client is a separate Windows program.  Some advantages of the Handy client over a web browser are: locally cached database for faster access, more printing options, phone dialing, and the "Live Update" feature.