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Documentation - Handy Client Setup

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To set up the Handy Server to work with Handy Clients follow these instructions:
  1. Download and install the Handy Server onto your server, or one computer that everyone has access to, and is always running.  Download the Handy Server here.
  2. Start Handy Server by going to "Start / All Programs / Handy Address Book Server", and make sure it is running okay.  If it is running okay you should see a line like: "Server Started: <computername> [IP address] on port 80" at the top of the event log.  If you have other servers running on this computer, you may need to switch ports.  Use "Administration... / Settings..." to set the port number.  See example picture.
  3. Set up user definitions for everyone who you want to be able to access the shared address books.  From within the Handy Server interface select the "Administration... / Users..." button and add all the users.  Create at least one user with "Installation Admin" permissions.  Note, you may also want to edit the "Anonymous" user here, to remove the administrative privileges.  See example picture.
  4. Download and install the Handy Client onto each user's PC.  Download the Handy Client here.
  5. For each user, start the Handy Client, and go to "File / Options... / Sharing" and fill out the information there. You'll want to enable sharing, enter their username and password, and put in the IP address of the server where Handy Server is running.  If you're not sure of the IP address of your server you can read it off of the Handy Server interface in the Event Log.  It is the number in the square brackets shown in step #2.  Also put in the port number that the server is running on. The default is 80, unless you changed it in step #2.  See example picture.
  6. From within one of the Handy Clients with Installation Admin permissions use "File / New..." and create a new "shared" address book on the server.  Once the shared address book is created all the other users can use "File / Open..." to open this address book off the server.  Now, any additions or changes that any user makes will be reflected on everyone's Handy Client.