Handy Address Book
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Documentation - Server Installations

Documentation -> Server Administration -> Installations

A Handy Address Book Server supports having multiple "installations".  Installations are logically separate from each other.  Each installation has its own set of users, address books, permissions, etc.  All installations are serviced by a single running copy of Handy Server.  To manage your installations press the "Administration... / Installations..." buttons from the main GUI.

Each installation can be assigned a quota of allowed address books, and optionally an expiration date.  See an example screen shot.

Handy Server will start off with a single <Default Installation>.  Each installation is stored in a separate folder underneath the data directory for Handy Server.

To access the default installation you would go to the URL:


To access any other installation, append the name of the installation to the URL, like this:


You can organize installations into sub-folders as deep as you'd like, so for example, you could have an installation at: