Handy Address Book
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Documentation - Address Book List View

Documentation -> Using Address Books -> List View

The list view of any address book is available by choosing the "List" link next to that address book in your Control Panel.  The list view displays your contacts in a tabular form in the top frame, and displays the details of the selected contact in the bottom frame.  An example list view is shown in this screen shot or this live demo.

The list view can be sorted by any displayed column by clicking on that column's header.  Click it again to toggle between ascending and descending sorting.  You can use the "List Columns" page under the address book administration section to choose which fields are displayed in your list, and their order.

The list view can be filtered by choosing a letter from the alphabet bar along the top.

The list view can also be filtered by category by selecting the desired category from the drop down menu.

When more contacts are available than fit on a single page you can page through the contacts with the "First", "Previous", "Next", and "Last" links.  Use the "Preferences" address book administration page to set the desired number of contacts to display on each page.

You can customize the colors, fonts, header, footer, background image, map server, and a variety of other details from the address book administration area.