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Documentation - Server Settings

Documentation -> Server Administration -> Settings

The following server level settings can be adjusted by selecting the "Administration... / Settings..." buttons from the main GUI.  See a screen shot of this dialog.

Install/Uninstall Service:
Use these buttons to either install or uninstall Handy Server as a service.  Running Handy Server as a service allows it to start even when nobody is logged onto the server.  Once you install Handy Server as a service, whenever you start the server computer the service will start automatically.  You can also start the service without restarting the computer by right mouse clicking on "My Computer" and choosing "Manage" from the popup menu.  Select "Services and Applications / Services" to show all your services.  Select the "Handy Address Book Server" service and choose "Start".

Normally when running Handy Server as a service you will not see the GUI.  Therefore it is usually best to get your server level administration settings correct before installing it as a service.  This usually means just getting the port number set so that it isn't conflicting with any other servers you may have running.  All the other installation and address book level administrative tasks can be accomplished through any web browser, so the GUI is not necessary for these tasks.  If you do need to display the GUI while Handy Server is running as a service select the Handy Server service "Properties..." and under the "Log On" tab enable the "Allow service to interact with desktop" option.  Restart the service, and you will see the GUI displayed.

Choose which port Handy Server will operate on.  The default port is 80, but if you are also running a web server (like IIS or Apache) you may need to change this.  A good alternative is port 8080.  If you are able to start Handy Server and it says it is "Running" then you know you do not have a port conflict.  If you get a "bind" error when trying to start the server, this is usually because there is a port conflict, and you will need to choose a different port.  Here is a screen shot of a successfully started Handy Server on port 80.

Turn on this option to log server activity to a file.  The log file will be located in the root data folder, and be named "EventLog.txt".  Press the "View Log" button to display the log file.  If you leave this option turned on you will want to clear out the log file periodically to make sure it doesn't grow too large.