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Documentation - User Management

Documentation -> Installation Administration -> Users

An unlimited number of users can be defined in A Handy Address Book Server.  The special "anonymous" user is always available.  The anonymous user is assigned permissions, just like a regular user.  Someone who has not yet logged on will have the permissions of the anonymous user.

New/Modify User:
Use these pages to create a new user, or modify an existing user.  Usernames are case sensitive, and must be between 1 and 31 characters long.  Usernames can consist of alphanumeric and underscore characters (a-z, A-Z, 0-9, or _).  Passwords can consist of any character, and be anywhere from 0 to 15 characters long.

Each user is assigned a default permission level for new address books.  When a new address book is created, this user will be assigned this permission level by default.  This is just the default, and can be changed through the Permissions page in address book administration.

A user can also be given "Installation Admin" permission.  This is the highest level of permission available.   Only users with this permission level will be able to perform operations from the Installation Administration page.  Users with this permission level can also perform any action in any address book within the installation, no matter what permission level they may have in that address book.

Important:  When you first install Handy Server the anonymous user will have Installation Admin permissions, so you will normally want to remove this after setting up another user with this permission level.

Each user is also assigned to a particular country and given an area code.  These are used as defaults when this user creates new contacts.

Delete User:
Use this command to delete an existing user.

Logged On Users:
This page displays information on all the users currently logged on in the installation.  Various information about each user is shown.