Handy Address Book
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Documentation - Address Book Preferences

Documentation -> Address Book Administration -> Preferences

This administrative page allows you to set the following items for this address book:

This text is displayed alongside the address book when listed in your Control Panel.  The description can be anywhere from 0 to 63 characters long.

Number of Contacts:
Set how many contacts should be listed on each "page" when showing the search results or list view.  If more than this number of contacts are available the "First", "Previous", "Next", and "Last" links will be available to scroll through the available pages.

Sets various preferences on when to use new popup windows or re-use the current window for displaying information.

Private Contacts:
Turn on or off the display of contacts marked as "Private".

Map Server:
Choose which map server to use.  When a contact's street address is displayed in the "Details" frame a link to a map will be displayed next to the address.  This option controls which map server that link will point to.  Google and MapQuest map servers are supported.

Date Format:
Choose between MM/DD/YYYY and DD/MM/YYYY formats for displaying dates such as birthdays or anniversaries.

Delete Confirmation:
Whether or not to ask for confirmation before deleting a contact.

Access Control:
Specify the required permission levels in order to use the "Delete All Contacts" and "Export" commands.

Enter any text or HTML to display in the banner along the top of this address book.  Use the text [[ABOOK]] to display the name of the address book.  Leave this empty to not display a banner.

The header is shown beneath the banner.  Enter any text or HTML to include in the header.  Leave it blank to not display a header.

The footer is shown at the bottom of the address book.  Enter any text or HTML to include in the footer.  Leave it blank to not display a footer.

Background Image:
Enter the URL of an image to display as the background of this address book.  You can also enter just the image filename, and it will be served from the root data directory of Handy Server.  Handy Server will only server .jpg or .gif image files.  Leave blank to just use the specified color background.