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Address Book Administration

There are many configuration options available for each address book.  To adjust options for an address book, select the "Administration" link next to the web address book's name in the "Control Panel".  You must have Admin rights for the address book, or be an installation admin to perform address book administration.  The following options are available:

Sets the permission levels for users accessing this web address book.  The possible permission levels are "None", "View", "Add", "Edit", or "Admin".  For more info, see Users & Permissions.

Each web address book has its own categories.  This option allows you to add, edit, or delete any address book specific categories.  You can have an unlimited number of categories.  (In addition to address book specific categories, there can also be global categories.  Global categories are available in all address books.  Global categories are administered through the Installation Administration.)

These options control how your web address book is displayed.  Adjust options like which map server to use, and how many rows of contacts to list per page.  You can also customize the appearance of your web address book by entering your own HTML for the Banner, Header, and Footer.

Control how the address editor is displayed.  Choose a compact or full view, which fields are displayed, and their order on the form.

List Columns:
Adjust which fields are displayed in the main "List" view of your web address book.  Choose from any recorded field.  You can also adjust the column order for each displayed field.

Field Titles:
Edit the names of various fields, including all the mailing address, phone number, email, and custom fields.

Choose from a list of pre-defined color themes, or enter your own custom colors.

Adjust all the font styles and sizes to be used for the web address book.

Import contacts from a file.  Supported import formats include: Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express (Windows Address Book), Palm Desktop, vCards, Yahoo, or Handy Address Book.

Export contacts from this address book to a file.  Supported export formats include:  Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express (Windows Address Book), Palm Desktop, vCards, or Handy Address Book.

Delete Contacts:
Use this option to delete all the contacts in your address book.  To delete specific contacts, go to the web address book listing instead.

Rename Book:
Change the name of this web address book.

Delete Book:
Deletes this entire web address book.

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