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Users & Permissions

The evaluation version comes with default permissions set wide open, so you will probably want to change them.  With Handy Address Book Server you can create an unlimited number of users.

Creating Users:
To create a new user definition, select the "Installation Administration" link from within the "Control Panel".  Click the "New User" link to create a new user.

Setting Permissions:
There are two levels of permissions: "Installation Admin" and address book specific permissions.  A user that has "Installation Admin" permission can perform any operation, regardless of their address book specific permissions.   Only installation admins can get into the "Installation Administration" area where global operations are performed, such as creating or adjusting user definitions.  To adjust which users have installation admin permission, select the "Modify Users" link from within the "Installation Admin" page.

To adjust address book specific permissions click on the "Administration" link in the "Control Panel" next to the particular address book you want to adjust.  From the address book administration page, click on the "Permissions" link.

Comment on the "Anonymous" user:
This is a special user for anyone who has not yet logged in.  This user has permissions, like any other user, which you can adjust.

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