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Run As A Service

You can run Handy Address Book Server as a service.  This allows the program to be running on your server without anyone having to log in and start the program.

To run as a service go into "Administration... / Settings..." and select "Install As Service".  The next time you restart your computer Handy Address Book Server will be running as a service.  You can also start the service without re-starting the computer by using the Service Control Panel.

Initially it is best to run the program as a normal application, so that you can configure the server.  Once your settings are acceptable, install Handy Address Book Server as a service.  When running as a service you can display the GUI if you need to adjust some settings.  Go into the Service Control Panel and adjust the Properties for the service.  Under the "Log On" tab choose the option to "Allow service to interact with desktop".  Re-start the service, and you will see the GUI, so you can make settings changes.

To bring up the Service Control Panel right mouse click on "My Computer" and choose "Manage".  Under the "Services and Applications" group select "Services".

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