Handy Address Book
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Installation Administration

"Installation Administration" is global level administration that affects all address books in the installation.  Installation level administration can be performed by selecting the "Installation Admin" link in the "Control Panel".  You must be an installation admin to perform installation administration.  The following options are available:

New Address Book:
Create a new web address book.  Assign the book a name and give it a description.

Rename Address Book:
Change the name of an existing web address book.

Delete Address Book:
Permanently removes an existing web address book.

New User:
Create a new user.  Assign the username, password, and other user-specific properties.

Modify Users:
Change the properties for one or more existing users.

Delete User:
Remove one or more existing users.

Logged On Users:
Shows information about all currently logged on users.

Global Categories:
Add, Edit, or Delete global categories.  Global categories are available in all web address books in the installation.

Displays version and license information on Handy Address Book Server.

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