Handy Address Book
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Using Address Books

Once the program is installed and running, open up a web browser, and point it to the URL:


This will display your "Control Panel".  You will see a listing of all the currently available address books, and links to various options.  The evaluation version comes with a "Sample" address book for you to experiment with.  You can logon, "List" the contacts in your address book, or "Search" for contacts.  You can "Administer" the address book, or you can click on the "Installation Administration" link to configure various global options.  The evaluation version comes with the permissions set wide open, so you can experiment first without having to worry about setting up permissions.

To access your web address book from any other machine type in the IP address or domain name of your server in the URL.  For example:


Using An Alternate Port:
By default, Handy Address Book Server uses port 80.  If you have other software using port 80 you may want to run Handy Address Book Server on a different port.  You can change the port number under "Administration... / Settings..." on the main window.  In this case you will need to add the port number to the URL when accessing your web address books.  For example, if you changed to port 8080 you would access your web address books using:


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