Handy Address Book
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New Address Book

To create a new address book, click on the link to "Installation Administration" from your "Control Panel".  Here you will see a list of available global configuration options.  Choose the link to "New Address Book" and assign the new address book a name and give it a description.  With the evaluation version you can create up to 5 web address books.

Once you've created the new web address book, select the link to "List" your address book.  This new web address book will be empty, so you can then click on the "Add" link to create a new contact.  You can also import contacts from other programs into your address book.  Select the Import command from the address book's Administration page.

All the fonts, colors, headers, footers, etc can be customized for each of your web address books.  From your "Control Panel" click on the "Administration" tab next to a particular address book.

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